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About API

The Association of Physicians of India (API) is a professional body of consultant physicians formed in 1944. Its members are physicians with postgraduate qualifications in different specialties. Currently the membership of the association is 22,000 and it is increasing every year. Obviously this Association is the most elite physician's fraternity in India. This Association conducts various educational and professional activities for its members throughout the year. The API is a professional body of consultant physicians formed in 1944.

The vision of a few stalwart Physicians of India gave birth to the idea of forming the Association of Physicians of India in 1944 mainly to provide a common forum to the Physicians of India to meet and to share experience and research observations in the field of Medicine.

ICP – API’s Academic Wing

The Indian College of Physicians (ICP) is the academic wing of API. The purpose of ICP is to actively promote and facilitate “continuing professional development” of the physicians of this country. The college plays an important role in commissioning rules / recommendations and publishing monographs.

PRF - API’s Research Wing

Physicians Research Foundation (PRF) proposed in 2015, is the research wing of API. The purpose of PRF is to encourage research including experimental work in the science of medicine. The supervisory role of this division over institutions is in an attempt to promote the study of research pertaining to issues under medical science. It may undertake these operations both directly, or indirectly.

Founder Members of API

Dr. M.R. Guruswamy, Madras

Dr. Jivraj N. Mehta, Mumbai

Col. Amir Chand, Delhi

Dr. Mangaldas J. Shah, Mumbai

Dr. M.D.D Gilder, Mumbai

Dr. George Coelho, Mumbai

Dr. J.C. Banerjee, Calcutta

Dr. M.N. De, Calcutta

Dr. N.D. Patel, Mumbai

The First President of API was Dr. Jivraj N. Mehta from Bombay dating back to the year 1944.

Governing Body of API (2019-2020)

President Elect 


Past President

S. Arulrhaj

(Tuticorin) (2020)

KK Pareek

(Kota) (2020)

Pritam Gupta

(Delhi) (2020)

Vice Presidents

Jyotirmoy Pal (Talpukur) (2020)

 Y Satyanarayana Raju (Hyderabad) (2021)

Shibendu Ghosh (Hooghli) (2022)

Jt . Secretary (HQ)

Hon. General Secretary

Hon. Treasurer

Ashit M Bhagwati

(Mumbai) (2022)

Mangesh Tiwaskar

(Mumbai) (2022)

Charu K Jani

(Mumbai) (2020)


Ashok K Taneja

(Gurgaon) (2020)

MPS Chawla

(New Delhi) (2021)

Anupam Prakash

(New Delhi) (2022)

Dr CL Nawal

(Jaipur) (2020)

Sekhar Chakraborty

(Siliguri) (2021)

Prem Shankar Sharma 

(Bhagalpur) (2022)

NK Soni

(Ghaziabad) (2020)

Munish Prabhakar

(Gurgaon) (2021)

Agam C. Vora

(Mumbai) (2022)

Devi Ram

(Purnia) (2020)

DP Singh

(Bhagalpur) (2021)

V. Palaniappam

(Guzliamparai) (2022)

Zone Members

North Zone:

RM Chhabra

(New Delhi) (2020)

Mid South Zone:

Naval Chandra

(Hyderabad) (2020)

North West Zone:

Rajinder K Bansal

(Ludhiana) (2020)

South Zone:

K Mugundhan

(Salem) (2020)

Central Zone: 

Prabhat Pandey

(Durg) (2020)

Mid East Zone:

RR Choudhary

(Patna) (2020)

West Zone:

Narayan Deogaonkar

(Nasik) (2020)

East Zone:

RN Sarkar

(Kolkata) (2020)

Ex-Officio Member

Dean, ICP

Amal Kumar Banerjee


Director, PRF

Siddharth N. Shah


Co-opted Members

Jt. Secretary (President's place)

G.D. Ramchandani


Armed Forces, Medical Services

Maj. Gen. (Dr.) A.K. Hooda 

(New Delhi)

Organising Secretary, APICON 2020

P.K. Maheshwari


Organising Secretary, APICON 2019

S. Sreenivasa Kamat


Invited Members

Editor-in-chief, API Text Book

Sandhya Kamath


Chairman, API House Committee

Siddharth N Shah


Editor-in-Chief, JAPI

Milind Y Nadkar


For more information on API please visit www.apiindia.org

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